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Al McKay
A few years ago, Al got the idea of putting together a group of hand-picked musicians to jam around town. The first time the band went out, they did a few Southern California dates and then toured extensively in Japan and the Philippines. The Al McKays All-Stars, in various configurations, has been back to the Far East at least once a year since their first visit.

Al McKays AllStars 2002 album "Al Dente" (Videoarts Music VACM-1167) is out in Japan. It contains 6 new songs and 6 old EWF classics with new arrangements (Getaway, September, Evil, Fantasy, Singasong and Love's Holiday). The new 6:44 version of "Evil" is a killer with it's excellent horn arrangement, and alone worth the whole album! [Tracklist]

Al McKay Allstars: Live At Mr. Fuji Jazzfestival 2002 is out in Japan (Videoarts Music VACM-1229) [Tracklist]

The DVD "Al McKay Allstars: Live in Kaunas Jazz 2004" is a kick ass performance by Al and his 13 piece All-Stars band including Michael Harris and Michael Rahmlee Davis of the Phenix Horns. Recorded in the spring 2004 at the Kaunas Jazz Festival in Lithuania. PCM stereo and (a very good) 5.1 surround mix. The playlist is perfect and the concert is an excellent EWF experience indeed! [Tracklist] []

There's supposedly a new Al McKay AllStars album coming up. It will probably contain a song written by Maurice White and Al McKay, that was born during the recording sessions for the EWF album "The Promise". More about Al on

Johnny Graham
For a while Johnny Graham was playing together with Al McKay, Freddie White  on drums, Andrew Woolfolk on sax and The Phenix Horns (Rhamlee Davis & Michael Harris). Wayne Vaughn, keyboard player on Raise! and Powerlight, and co-writer of "Let's Groove" says: "I saw Johnny Graham two years ago at the NAMM Show Convention and he told me then that he was recording in Japan and had a new record deal there. I think the album was titled "The Johnny Graham Show". Picture showing Johnny playing with Japanese band Soul Sauce. Read 2004 interview for

Larry Dunn
In 1990 Larry Dunn worked with French drummmer/composer Marc Cerrone for a big new age show in Tokyo (much like the Jean Michel Jarre Show). The show was shown on French TV. The other musicians were from the 70's rock band Yes.

Larry Dunn's solo album Lover's Silhouette has now also been released in the US. (Another Hit Records, AHR-5006) The album was out in Europe in 1993 on the 101 South Records label. (101S 877071 2). Cover versions of "Let's Groove" and "Fantasy" has been added on the US release. More about Larry on

Euro cover

US cover

Fred White
Currently playing drums with The LA All Stars , together with Al McKay on guitar, Andrew Woolfolk on sax, Johnny Graham on guitar and The Phenix Horns (Rhamlee Davis & Michael Harris)

Andrew Woolfolk
Andrew Woolfolk did play and tour with Phil Collins in the 80's. Andrew is currently playing sax with The LA All Stars, toghether with Al McKay on guitar, Freddie White on drums, Johnny Graham on guitar and The Phenix Horns (Rhamlee Davis & Michael Harris)

Don Myrick
Don Myrrick was killed July 30, 1993.
The family of Donald Myrick, who was shot to death in a police raid, settled a wrongful-death lawsuit in 1995 against the city of Santa Monica, CA. for $400,000. The settlement came ending litigation brought by Myrick's mother, wife and three daughters. Myrick, a saxophonist with EWF's Phenix Horns and who also performed on the Phil Collins hit "One More Night", was killed July 30, 1993 while police were serving a search warrant. Police said Officer Gary Barbaro fired one shot also played after mistaking a butane lighter in Myrick's hand for a weapon. Donald is laid to rest in the Inglewood Cemetery across the street from the Great Western Forum, home of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Louis Satterfield
Born 3rd April 1937, Shaw, Mississippi. Died  27th September 2004, Chicago.

In the late 60s, Louis was a member of the group The Pharaohs. He also  often contributed to sessions at Chicago's Chess studios, and when Maurice White recorded a demo for a new band he wanted to form, Louis appeared on it. Maurice's group were later to become EWF, and Louis - together with The Pharaohs Don Myrrick, Yehudah Ben Israel and Rahm Lee, plus Michael Harris - were hired by White as the Phenix Horns.
Louis, along with Rahmlee Davis, have recently been in court with Phil Collins regarding a live album and alleged overpaid royalties dating back to 1990. London High Court Justice Jonathan Parker ruled that defendants Louis Satterfield and Rahmlee Davis -- both former members of EWF -- would not be responsible for paying back any of the money (some $385,000), which were overpaid to them by Collins. Although Collins was not seeking repayment of previously paid-out monies, he was seeking a declaration that no further payments be made to the musicians, and on that front he won. While defending their case, Satterfield and Rahmlee had claimed they were owed royalties from all 15 tracks on the Serious Hits -- Live album as opposed to only the five tracks they performed on. Parker disagreed.
The original dispute in the case arose after an accounting error was discovered, showing the defendants had been overpaid $345,000. Phil Collins Ltd.'s chief accountant then informed the defendants by letter that said overpayment would be recouped from "future royalties earned." Parker agreed, although he stated Collins' claim was limited to one half of that amount and that it was "highly improbable" that any future royalty payments would ever cover that sum. 

Jessica Cleaves
Jessica Cleaves replaced Sherry Scott after quitting then-popular R&B/pop quartet  Friends Of Distinction. She appeared on both EWF albums Last Days And Time and Head To The Sky. In 1973, by the time EWF went in to record Open Your Eyes, Jessica Cleaves had left, disappearing one night after a gig in Boston. As it turned out, she'd gotten married, moved to Detroit, and later went on to work with George Clinton. Maurice decided not to replace her with another female singer. She did an album (?) back in 1978 produced by Walter 'Junie' Morrison from Clinton's P-Funk army. Jessica can also be heard on both "George Clinton Presents Our Gang Funky" (1989) and Fred Wesley's 1995 album, "Say Blow by Blow Backwards". Jessica Cleaves passed away in Los Angeles on May 5th 2014. She was 65. [Check out the solowork section]

Sherry Scott
Sherry Scott was EWF's first female vocalist (1970-1972) and writer of their first major hit "I Think About Loving You". She is alive and well, and living in Chicago. [Check]

Roland Bautista
Roland Bautista, who was a member of EWF at various times in the 70s and 80s, died of natural causes 12. Feb. 2012 in Las Vegas. He played on "Last Days and Time" (1972) but left the band soon after it's release. He released two solo albums on ABC Records, "Bautista" (1977) and "The Heat Of The Wind (1978). He also worked as a guitar player for the Ronnie Laws Band, The Crusaders, Jackson 5, Lamont Dozier, Ramsey Lewis, Randy Crawford, George Duke, Wayne Henderson and Hubert Laws. Bautista returned to EWF in 1981 replacing fellow rhythm guitarist Al McKay and performed on Raise! (1981), Powerlight (1982) and Electric Universe (1983).

Not really a member, but...

Wayne Vaughn
Keyboard player and co-writer of "Let's Groove", and a lot of other songs from that EWF period, has been working on some new material. The album is titled "3 Generations Of Groove" [L& R Records 1998] and includes a re-recording of "Let's Groove" with The Emotions doing the hooks. Vaughn also played keyboards on both Raise! and Powerlight. More about Wayne on

Charles Stepney
Co-producer and session keyboard player from the early days died May 17th. 1976.