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the Earth, Wind & Fire experience
By Konstantin Pelevin

Kremlin Palace - Moscow, Russia, March 4th, 2005
Here is review of EWF second concert in Kremlin Concert Hall (4. of March). The house was packed with people - something about 6 000! There was many Russian showmen, jazz musicians and other popular people. I got couple of autographs. We (me and my wife) were seated in the middle of the 20 row, right before sound engineers. The sound was I would say extremely excellent - clean and powerful! We can hear every guitar chord and every drum beat. So as we were so close to the people from EWF crew we got acquainted with lady in charge of the light show! She was so kind to give us the set list! Here it is with remarks from the EWF.

01. Fall In Love With Me (only intro with horns and MC prerecorded voice "Presenting the mighty elements"
02. Boogie Wonderland
03. System Of Survival
04. Jupiter
05. Getaway
06. Serpentine Fire
07. Kalimba Story (New Way)/Evil
08. Got To Get You Into My Life
09. After The Love Is Gone
10. Reasons/ Reasons Intro
11. I Like The Way-Intro
12. In The Stone
13. Sing A Song
14. Shining Star � New Ending
15. Fantasy (No Longer Intro/Stay On Stage)
16. September
17. Let's Groove
18. Mighty Mighty
19.Intro/That's The Way Of The World

Now I�ll try to put into words the run of the concert. You know it�s still hard for me to believe that I SAW EWF! I�m still there and the music is playing in my mind. EWF were in excellent mood, full of energy and gave us unforgettable 2 hours long show! My wife like the way EWF horn section was dancing. They started dancing and signing right after Fall In Love With Me intro. The first 7 songs were in a kind of big medley with no stops at all! Kalimba Story and Evil included long drum solos delivered by 4 EWF drummers together and individually. Vadim ZilbersteinReasons�. Mr. Philip Bailey simply blew the house with his superhuman voice! He deserved long standing ovation from the audience! Vadim Zilberstein brought very bluesy feeling to the song with his solo. From I Like The Way to Mighty Mighty started THE PARTY! Everyone jumped on the feet and danced. You simply couldn�t resist the groove. All I remember that I and my wife were dancing, singing and screaming! Together with my wife we made our closer the stage and watched the show the rest of the concerts from really close distance. In the end of Mighty Mighty Verdine White and David Witworth brought the photo camera and took pictures of them with the audience! It was fun.

On That's The Way Of The World Vadim Zilberstein gave us beautiful guitar solo and he spoke in Russian with us (with little accent). He said that EWF is grateful to all Russian fans for their devotion, heart and soul. It was very touching.

Konstantin Pelevin