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In 2011 Sade did 106 concerts and played for more than 800.000 people during the Soldier Of Love world tour. The shows received rave reviews and got nominated for 'Most Creative Stage Production' and '2011 Major Tour of The Year Award'. During the American leg of the tour, acclaimed British director Sophie Muller, captured the band's visually stunning two-hour show. The 22 track concert 'Bring Me Home - Live 2011' is available on Blu-ray and CD+DVD. Tracklist


The Soldier Of Love world tour started in Europe 29. April 2011, followed by dates in USA, Canada and Australia. Read more

After more than 50 million record sales since the Diamond Life album debut in 1984, Sade released the 6. studio album Soldier Of Love on Epic Records 8. Feb. 2010. It was recorded at Peter Gabrielís Real World studio and once again with the team of Stuart Matthewman, Paul Denman and Andrew Hale. Tracklist